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Led by practitioners in the field, the LATAM Forum is designed to address unique fraud and authentication challenges faced by financial institutions in Latin America


San Francisco, California (January 15, 2018) – The LATAM Fraud Forum (, announced their inaugural meeting, which will take place on the sidelines of the annual RSA Conference in San Francisco on April 16, 2018. The primary objective of the LATAM Fraud Forum is to assemble a group of fraud prevention and authentication experts for an intimate, day-long discussion dedicated to disseminating knowledge on effective ways of combating financial fraud in Latin America.


Latin America is experiencing one of the fastest growth rates in terms of Internet adoption. Along with this, is the significant growth of cybercrime, which comes in many forms, including data breaches, banking Trojans, mobile malware and other online threats. In fact, according to some studies, cybercrime is so prevalent in Brazil, that the country has been described as being at the epicenter of a global cybercrime wave, with the number of cyberattacks growing by 197 percent in 2014 and online banking fraud up by 40 percent. As a result, the fear of fraud and lack of trust continue to affect the robustness of digital banking in Latin America, while a host of innovators bypass traditional banking channels to create new offerings. In addition, the centralization of identity systems at the government level has meant that the private sector does not have access to identity bureaus at the same level as in other regions.


“Cybersecurity is a global concern, but in Latin America, we are dealing with a unique flavor of the challenge. Given the threats that we face, it is our responsibility to learn from our peers in the region how they are dealing with daily-changing cyber threats to see how we can bring back those lessons into our own organizations. The LATAM Fraud Forum is an ideal opportunity to bring together professionals that do not ordinarily talk on a daily basis, to share best practices, identify early warning signs of a problem, and learn about new solutions that are available to us to be more effective in our jobs,” said Rafael Fragoso of Banorte, and member of the LATAM Fraud Forum Steering Committee.

The Forum is led by a Steering Committee comprised of five leading fraud and security executives from various financial institutions in Latin America, including Rafael Fragoso, (Mobile Banking Director, Banorte), Quirino Castro Flores (Director of Security, Banorte), and Rodrigo Colossi (IT Superintendent, Itaú Unibanco). The committee is defining the agenda and will select the participants for this one day event. Attendees must be approved by the steering committee in order to attend; a short application form is available on the event website.  Eligible participants manage the following disciplines in their respective financial services organizations: fraud prevention, compliance, KYC/identity proofing, authentication, digital banking and related areas.


The event is also supported by various corporate partners including, BioCatch, Microsoft, Ado Technologies, Nice Actimize, Crossmatch and FacePhi, all of which have active clients in the region and will be able to provide their first-hand experience and subject matter expertise in helping to resolve some of the most challenges issues that Latin American banks are faced with today. Information on joining as an event partner is available here.

To encourage open discussion, the LATAM Fraud Forum will be held under Chatham House rules and will be closed to the press.


About the LATAM Fraud Forum

The primary objective of the LATAM Fraud Forum is to assemble a group of fraud prevention and authentication experts for a day-long discussion dedicated to disseminating knowledge on effective ways of combating financial fraud in Latin America. The hope of the organizers is that following this one-day event the participants will continue to share information and new collaborative fraud initiatives will emerge. This inaugural event will be held on April 16, 2018 in San Francisco, California on the sidelines of the RSA Conference. For more information, visit