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Speaker Proposal Guidelines


The LATAM and Iberia Fraud forum’s steering committee is opening a call for proposals for topics for discuss. The chosen topic and abstract should frame a discussion on which can engage. Presentations may cover a wide range of relevant subject matter, including best practices, new fraud challenges and innovative solutions to protect against cyberattacks. You may also present success stories, processes or case studies which provide new insights on financial fraud prevention and related cybersecurity aspects in Latin America and/or Iberia.  

Presentation Guidelines:

Proposal must fulfill the following set of criteria, in order to be considered:

  • Focus: In your abstract and summary, you must clearly focus on practical issues pertaining to fraud prevention in Latin America and/or Iberia.

  • Relevance: In your abstract and summary, it must be clear how participants can apply what you say to their own operations in Latin America and/or Iberia.

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